Premier Corporate Staff

Raj Patel, CHA

Photo of Raj Patel, CHA

President and Chief Executive Officer

Raj Patel is a 2010 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year finalist. Raj and his family moved from England to Durant, Oklahoma, in 1979, where they owned and operated a small hotel. He graduated from Durant High School in 1981 and went on to attend the University of Oklahoma through academic scholarships, majoring in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry. In 1992, he made the conscious decision to invest and make hotel management a full time profession.

As President and Chief Executive Officer of Premier Hospitality Management, Inc., Raj Patel is directly responsible for the acquisition and development of the current properties in Premier's portfolio. He has developed business relationships to assist Premier in reaching its strategic growth goals. His ownership attitude and responsibility of the bottom line has been instrumental in the development of the corporate philosophy, direction and vision of Premier's nineteen properties. He is responsible for leading and managing the ambitious goals of his executive team, driving and facilitating infrastructure improvements and ultimately balancing the company's desire to grow with adherence to its basic quality foundation.

Mina Patel

Photo of Mina Patel

Executive Vice President

Mina Patel supervises loan administration, tax filing, property insurance and worker's comp for all twelve properties and the corporate office. She verifies the proper recording and filing of all corporate records, assists with capital improvement planning and developing property-reporting standards and the administrative organization and operational structures of the corporate office and other policies and procedures applicable to Premier.